ITSM Delivered

Making the complex seem simple

Our ITSM Professional Service engagements include:

  • Process Assessments
  • Technology Implementations
  • New Module Configuration
  • Administration on Demand
  • Reporting/Data Analytics
  • Integrations
  • Project Management

Making best use of the technologies you have.

To ensure the success of your ITSM project you need to choose the right technology. Often you have technology that isnt working for you, but it might just need configuration changes to better suit your processes.

CSS partners with leading ITSM Software vendors to provide a total solution delivered either from the cloud or on premise. It doesn’t stop there however, CSS will also assist in reviewing your IT Process and technology to ensure they adhere to the changing needs of your business. To ensure your business can accelerate your ITIL maturity levels, we can help integrate into existing technologies and other CSS Services including Oneview.

Delivering the vision

You need to make sure your project is delivered to plan, to budget and to scope without a hitch. CSS has delivered over 200 successful implementations of ITSM in many verticals such as Higher Education, Retail, Food and Beverage, Financial, Military and Public Sector. Check out our case studies for more information.

Post Delivery

Once your project has been delivered CSS can administer the system ensuring a complete end to end service allowing you to concentrate on delivering value back to the business. Our Admin on Demand Service provides access to world class ITSM experts with multi-industry experience that ensures your investment in ITSM is maximized. We help to ensure that your ITIL maturity growth is in line with your expectations and goals.

ITSM Process Assessment

Many of our customers purchase ITSM technology without considering their internal processes. They consider that the technology will drive them down a path of best practices regardless of the impact to their business.

The reality is that the technology only forms one part of process maturity.

Full blown ITIL maturity assessments costs thousands of dollars and include relationships to processes that haven’t been considered, or desired. As such the value to our customers is negated.

In recognition of this we created the IPA – ITSM Process Assessment. The concept means we can spend a short amount of time reviewing a process against industry best practices and provide a maturity assessment one process at a time.

The output of the assessment is a report that includes recommendations for both quick wins and longer term strategic changes. Helping you not only define where you are now, but what you need to do to achieve your strategic goals.

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Since 2011, we have completed over 400 client engagements spanning across 32 countries and 5 continents. With nearly 100 years of collective IT management experience and product expertise, CSS delivers professional implementation services that ensure your solution is tailored to your business.