Data Science on Demand

Reduce data noise by 60% and save thousands

Do you have the people and skills to deliver on the promise of Data Analytics for your business?

Most businesses talk about Data Analytics but how many are struggling to turn the talk into actions. Are you delivering on the promise of data analytics for your business or is it still a great idea waiting to happen? CSS has built a team of individuals that can help you take those great ideas and turn them into reality, quickly.

Understanding the art of the possible

Often, the challenge with data analytics is not knowing what to ask. Our Data Scientists and consultants have experience in some of the largest online retailers and enterprises on the planet. They can help bring that experience to your business giving you the insight on which questions to ask and why.

Delivering the answers to the people that need them.

Asking the right questions is the starting point but you need to be able to answer them too. Our California based team is here to help deliver the right results to the right people so they can make decisions at speed. We have the tools so you can make the critical decisions based on real time, accurate, actionable data.

Putting the data to use

Now you have the data, how can you leverage that to disrupt your competition? Integrating your systems and taking steps to automate allows you to streamline your operations and drive maturity throughout your organization. In operations, our customers have reduced the noise in their systems by 60%+ and increased their first line resolution on incidents from 40% to 60% saving them thousands of $’s. Our Data Scientists and consultants can help pinpoint those areas ready for disruption so you can make the changes you need to be successful.


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Looking at how analytics make make a real impact to your business? Our Data Scientists can help you start the journey.

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Since 2011, we have completed over 400 client engagements spanning across 32 countries and 5 continents. With nearly 100 years of collective IT management experience and product expertise, CSS delivers professional implementation services that ensure your solution is tailored to your business.