Data Analytics Simplified

Data assets that work for you and your business without the complexity.

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The explosion of data is creating opportunities but at a cost.

The explosion of data is creating new opportunities for business growth, agility and automation. Too much data however can be a burden, hampering quick decision making and creating more problems than it solves. CSS helps your business by getting your data assets working for you by ensuring the right information is presented to your teams so they can make decisions quickly.

You do your job, we’ll do ours.

Your business needs you because you know it inside and out. You integrate technology with your business processes and make the most of your corporate data to drive insights and value. CSS helps you focus on what’s important by giving you access to the information to make a difference at speed. Our data scientists and developers build automation and visualizations that increase the return from your data assets allowing you to focus on whats important.

It's not always easy to find the right people.

We all know how hard it is to find the right people especially when headcount is at a premium. It’s the one thing that keeps us all awake at night. It’s even harder to find and retain world class technical resources that have the experience in your industry as well as experiences across multiple businesses to ensure you are leveraging best practice. Add to that the training, cost of covering holidays and absences and extras and the situation gets worse.

CSS has developed a methodology to ensure our clients have access to the best full time local resources with experience in hundreds of client engagements. From our offices in the USA, UK and Australia we provide certified developers, data scientists and ITIL/ITSM experts to ensure you have the skills and resources you need to get the job done.

Our Services


A single platform to manage your IT Infrastructure and Services, all in one place.

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Admin on Demand

A run and operate service that works within your budget and scope of need. Allowing you to work smarter, not harder.

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IT Service Management

Our professional experts provide innovative and customized ITSM solutions to meet your specific needs.

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Managed Operational Intelligence Platform

A Full Hosted and Managed Data Analytics Platform

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Managed Reporting Portal

A Full Hosted and Managed Platform for Present Executive Dashboards and Reports

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